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Nihon-ryu Goshin-jutsu Student Manual

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Nihon-ryu Goshin-jutsu Student Manual

By: D. Chase, Hanshi

"Nihon-ryu Goshin-jutsu 日本流護身術 is a Gendai 現代 (modern/contemporary) self-defense system focusing on practical application in modern combative situations. This system is a street effective modern martial art discipline, which can be easily learned and understood by men, women and children of all ages. Nihon-ryu Goshin-jutsu can also be utilized by those with physical limitations and handicaps, making it a practical and effective martial discipline for life preservation through self-defense.
Nihon-ryu Goshin-jutsu utilizes both lethal and non-lethal techniques that are common in a myriad of martial arts disciplines, such as kicks, strikes, blocks, grabs, throws, arresting methods, pressure points, strangulation and constriction methods, as well as weapon(s) disarming and conflict resolution methods.
The practitioner of Nihon-ryu Goshin-jutsu will find that it is comparable to several Koryu 古流 systems of Jujutsu 柔術. However, the practitioner will also identify that it is geared towards modern-day self-defense scenarios and applications."
Excerpt from the book GOSHINJUTSU Nihon-ryu Goshin-jutsu Student Manual
By: Darel Chase, Ph.D.
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