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Sentou-ryu Aikijujutsu


Sentou-ryu Sogo Budo (Sentou-ryu Aikijujutsu, Sentou-ryu Goshin-jutsu, Sentou-ryu Karate-Do, Sentou-ryu Kenjutsu, Shinreikan Reiki). Sentou-ryu is a modern expression of traditional Japanese Warrior arts. The Kaiso (Founder) extends his welcome to all those who desire to learn and grow in the multi-faceted system of martial arts known as Sentou-ryu.


Sentou-ryu Aikijujutsu is a modern school with a traditional heart that teaches a complete martial art, among the hand-to-hand combat techniques with atemi waza (kicks, strikes, elbow hits etc.), nage waza (throws),shimewaza (strangles), kansetsu waza (joint-locks), kyusho waza (pressure on vital points of the human body) and aikinojutsu (throws), the practitioner studies the use of all the ancient weapon of the Samurai, such as katana, yari, bo etc., techniques are then divided in way of performing them: