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International Combat Aiki-jujutsu Federation

International Combat Aiki-jujutsu Federation is the World Governing Body for modern and traditional ICAJF Aiki-jujutsu, Aiki-bujutsu, Aiki-budo, and Jujitsu.

ICAJF is an international fellowship of martial artists, dedicated to the principles, philosophies, promotion, training and endorsement of Aiki systems around the world. ICAJF is a non-political, non-discriminatory fellowship of practitioners, ranging in style, technique, liniage and heritage. However, we unite under the broad spectrum of Aiki-Budo in an effort to share, learn and grow in fellowship, technique and application.

We invite all practitioners of Aiki-based systems, both traditional and modern, to unite with the International Combat Aiki-jujutsu Federation. We offer our members the following: